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Java is also known for its object-oriented programming features, which allow developers to build complex and modular applications using reusable code. It has a rich set of libraries and frameworks that can be used to accelerate application development and simplify common programming tasks.

what is data type

a data type is an attribute of a variable that defines the type of data that the variable can hold. It specifies the size, format, and range of values that can be stored in the variable.

what are comments

Comments are pieces of text in computer code that are used to provide explanations or context for the code. They are not executed as part of the program, but instead, serve as documentation or notes for the programmer.

There are generally two types of comments in programming languages:

  1. Single-line comments
  2. Multi-line comments
  3. Documentation comments

Various ways to Input in Java

The most common ways to input data in Java include:

  1. Scanner class
  2. BufferedReader class
  3. Command-line arguments

Arithmetical Operators

The operators, which are applied to perform arithmetical calculations in a program, are known as arithmetical operators. Some basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and modulus are often needed while programming. You can apply arithmetical operators like +,-,*,/, and % respectively to carry out these calculations.

Type conversion

Type conversion, also known as type casting, is the process of converting a value of one data type to another data type in a programming language. In Java, there are two types of type conversion:

  1. Implicit Type: occurs automatically when a value of a smaller or narrower data type is assigned to a variable of a larger or wider data type.
  2. Explicit Type: done forcefully by the programmer using casting operators.

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